Post-holiday crash? Make an adventure board!

Post-holiday crash? Make an adventure board!

I’ve just returned from a big overseas holiday, followed by an intense weekend at my favourite gaming expo, and the first few days back to work and real life were tough. Not only was I really tired, but I experienced a crash of pervasive sadness.

Holidays are great because they take you out of your day-to-day routine and plonk you into a new environment and culture. You get to experience all manner of new sights, smells, sounds and tastes and many of your cares just drift away. You also don’t need to go to work, or make dinner, or clean the house, or feed the pets/children or any of those daily duties that life requires of us. How nice is it to have someone tidy up your room each day, and have your meals prepared for you, and even your day planned with activities.

But alas, holidays can’t last because most of us can’t afford to be perpetually on vacation, and we need to come home and unpack, and wash all those clothes, and buy some groceries, and make dinner and then lunches for work, and so on and so on…

That crash back into reality can be quite devastating and can even come before you arrive back home. The last couple of days may be fraught with thoughts of what you need to do when you get back, the old stresses about work or study begin to encroach and the funk sets in.

How can we deal with this crash after a holiday or big event?

And importantly, minimise its effects?

There is a simple trick: plan your next trip.


While you are away, start talking about where you want to go in the future. Firm up some places and make a decision on what will be the next holiday. When you get home, get to planning. Pick some dates, and do some research. If it’s going to be a fair bit of time away, plan some other smaller things to keep your excitement up. Some domestic travel, day trips around your home state, even making some social dates with friends. Start filling up your calendar with fun things to look forward to before you sink back into the daily grind.

Make an adventure board

Now it’s time to actualise those plans! Much like a vision board, the adventure board is a way to inspire and motivate you.

Print out colour pictures of the things you have planned to do this coming year, for example, photos of musicians whose concerts you have tickets to see, shots of cities or landmarks you plan to visit, images of anything that represents your adventure plans for the year.

Grab a canvas photo board or similar and display those pictures all over it. You could choose to decorate it with stickers or text.

Place your adventure board in a prominent spot, somewhere you can see it every day and be reminded of all the fun to be had.

You can do this with a Pinterest board or other electronic method, but I find that seeing a physical reminder is far more effective on one’s mood and will really boost your morale.

Don’t forget to add to your adventure board as you plan new activities.

I’d love to see your adventure boards if you make them, so take a pic and send me a tweet or Facebook post.

Happy adventures!

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