Month: July 2017

The importance of doing something

The importance of doing something

In my last post, I extolled the virtues of ‘doing nothing‘ – spending time doing things that others might think are a waste or don’t achieve anything (when actually they are are enriching activities).

To turn that on its head – because I do love to offer a range of perspectives here at 5 Minute Reboot – today, I present the importance of doing something.

As you would know, time can often feel like a chain around your neck when it comes to achieving all the things you want to do. We feel burdened by our apparent lack of time, and what little we think we have can get frittered away with the day to day requirements of life. Then it’s time to sleep and the whole cycle continues again.

I’d like to remind you that five minutes is a lot of time, depending on how you see it. You can and will accomplish a lot in those 300 seconds. Trust me!

This month I’ve been editing my novel and I’ve set a time goal of 15 minutes a day. That’s an ideal amount of time to get really stuck into a task, but if you don’t feel you can dedicate that much, stick with just five minutes to start.

What’s something you’ve been really yearning to (or feel you should) do lately? Commit to yourself to do it for just five minutes today. The key is to just start – that’s really the hardest part. Doing is easy – it’s procrastinating that makes it seem difficult! And once you’ve broken through that initial resistance, you might find your motivation takes over and you finish that task you’ve been putting off, or learn something new, or progress a personal project, or just feel like you’ve done a great job.

The important thing is to do something because if you don’t try, you’ll never accomplish anything. And the simple act of starting has this miraculous side effect of inspiring you to keep going.

Go on, give it a go. Tell me in the comments what small something you are going to do today. And then come back tomorrow and share what happened!